Our Hemp

The ABCs of CBD

Alright class, let's learn where CBD comes from.

A. Grow It

The CBD used in Dogtor Dani's products starts with high CBD proprietary strains of hemp grown in high nutrient American soil. These state-of-the-art farms operate under strict guidelines, which results in safe, regulated, and consistent products for your pets. Dogtor Dani's believes in sustaining our beautiful planet that we share with animals and all living things, so she chose farmers that utilize water-saving practices and use techinuqes to decrease herbicide usage. 

B.  Ya Got Raw Hemp

Harvest it, dry it, mill it, move on.

C . Extract the Goods

In a cGMP compliant facility, supercritical CO2 (sounds badass, right?) is used to extract and purify the hemp. This means all the good stuff, like hemp's phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavanoids are preserved, resulting in premium-grade broad spectrum hemp oil. I'm not gonna spoil the surprise and tell y'all why multiplying benefits from the entourage effect is a good thing. There's a damn blog post about this, so go read it!

Finally, solids like wax and chlorophyll are removed from the oil. 


Well poop...there's more...so here's the DEFs of CBD!


D. You Didn't Think They Would Leave CO2 in There, Right?

The supercritical CO2 gets taken out and recycled for use again, even more badass! 

E. Ain't Nobody Got Time for THC

All of Dogtor Dani's CBD Products have a THC-free guarantee, meaning that proprietary methods are used to extract even the smallest amount of THC, the cannabinoid that produces the "high," so your dog will reap the benefits of the plant without hearing colors. Then, everything gets all washed and polished up. 


F. Third Party Lab Testing

Dogtor Dani's always wants to ensure safety and accuracy in our products, so every batch goes through the most comprehensive and extensive third-party lab testing available, including: bacterial bugs, yeast, mold, potency (making sure the label matches what's in the bottle), heavy metals (nasty stuff like lead, arsenic, mercury and cadmium) and pesticides (60 total).

Organic ingredients are used as much as possible. Check out the QR code on each CBD product linking to the lab reports. 

Aw hell, there's still one more step for the Softgels...

G. One word. Nanoemulsion.

Sounds pretty cool because it is pretty cool. The raw hemp oil gets put through a process turning it into tiny ass particles, which makes it easier for the body to absorb and makes the oil more effective! This step also leads to the creation of water-soluble hemp powder, which means more bioavailability for your dog compared to oil-based products. 

Better Process = Better Quality = Better Benefits for Your Pets!